SPN Fandom MovieType: Feature-length documentary

Genre: Reality

Directed by: Mitchell Kosterman

Produced by: Mitchell Kosterman, Cliff Kosterman and Jason Fischer

Synopsis: Every once in a very long while, a TV  comes along that is truly something special; aseries that resonates with fans, touches something deep inside and connects them worldwide. A series that is so well written, so well made and so personal that you relate, you engage and you get involved. Supernatural is one of those shows. Supernatural fans laugh together, feel terrified together, cry together and most importantly, love together, in a phenomenon we call “Supernatural Fandom”.

For three years, Clif and Mitch Kosterman have been documenting this phenomenon on video. They interviewed fans at Creation Entertainment conventions in Canada and the United States. They also interviewed cast and crew, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Shepherd, Executive Producer Jim Michaels and Director Guy Bee. They even went on a home visit in Las Vegas and spent a night at a Watch Party with the Women of Letters in Dallas. Listen as the fans and the cast and the crew tell you what it means to be part of this incredible #SPNFamily.

I tried to be as active as possible, she said.