Stricken_posterType: Short Format Series

Genre: Horror

Starring: Tara Pratt, Eliana Calogiros, Gerry Rousseau, Brian Cook, Claire Brousseau, Darryl Brousseau, Dallas Harvey, Tirra Dent, David Lloydy

Directed by: Eron Carruth

Produced by: Jason Fischer

Written by: Eron Carruth

Synopsis: What begins as a series of isolated incidents of sudden onset dementia among the inhabitants of a small town in northern BC quickly escalates to a full spread epidemic when the cause is revealed to be a genetically modified fungus, lost for decades, that has finally been discovered and accidentally unleashed causing those infected to turn into ravenous monsters. Told as a series of short stories following the challenges of several individuals throughout the introduction, the onset, the resulting epidemic, and the inevitable abandonment of Earth by the survivors, “The Stricken” shows the strengths and weaknesses of a society devastated by a science experiment gone horribly wrong.




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