Type: ShNOHort Format Series

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Matthew Spears, Kris McRonney-Apaw and Christa Brown

Directed by: Tom Masterman and Bram Cole

Produced by: Bram Cole and Kris McRonney-Apaw

Written by: Connor Rielly

Synopsis: Night Owl High is a film noir crime story told from the perspective of Perd Carlyle, a delusional high school vice principal who considers himself a hard-boiled detective similar to Sam Spade or Phillip Marlowe. “Eastwatch Secondary, from the outside we’re molding the minds of the next generation. From the outside we look clean. They can’t see the sleaze. Inside, the minds of the next generationfade to mush as dope peddlers flush the corridors with narcotics and fornication… Stay awake, old man. The balance between good and evil is shifted as the stench of my authority fills the lonely jungle of lockers and vinyl flooring. To combat the inequity plaguing this school, I have to break the bonds of decency and cross into my student’s domain.” – Perd Carlyle

I was personally touched by the program and really impressed by what the co-chairs did, bachani said as part of the article on the tuck website.