Haphead_poster2Type: Short Format Series

Genre: SciFi/Drama

Starring: Elysia White, David Straus, Joanne Jansen, Kwayme Kyei-Boateng, Mandy May Cheetham, Jonathan Robbins, Sarah Desouza-Coelho, Jordan Towes, Jermain Carty, Devon Nicholson, Adrian Ellis, Robert Nolan, Jeff Sinasac, Ryan Leis, Marcus Thomas

Directed by: Tate Young

Produced by: Anthony Cortese, Sean Learner

Written by: Jim Munroe

Synopsis: Haphead is the story of a girl who’s literally empowered by videogames. Ten years from now, a new haptic peripheral makes videogames so immersive that people learn skills just by playing. Maxine makes less than minimum wage at the factory where they make them, so she decides to become an unofficial beta tester by stealing one for herself. At home, her favorite rabbit-ninja game gets a whole lot more punishing, with the haptic feedback loop beating lethal skills into her muscle memory. Which is good: she needs to level up quick once her employer discovers her on-the-job theft. Luckily, she’s not alone. There are other hapheads out there, with a variety of game-trained abilities. But while some of them are kindreds, one of them brings death…

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