FFH_posterType: Short Format Series

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Nick Harrison, Mike Cavers, Eric Breker, Barbara Kozicki, Pearce Visser, Jennifer McClean, Rebecca Harrison, Victoria Davidson, and Brianne Loop.

Guest starring: Colin Cunningham, Ellie Harvie, Gary Jones, and Jackson Davies.

Directed by: Neil Every

Produced by: Nick Harrison, Mike Cavers, and Neil Every

Synopsis: Fools For Hire is a madcap comedy web series that follows the adventures of two hapless corporate entertainers, Nick and Mike. In order to make a living the two sell their souls to the corporate world, playing dress-up in all manner of ridiculous costumes. Facing daily ridicule, humiliation, cut-throat competition, infamous Event Coordinators…the guys just try to make the best of their lot in life. But whatever you do, don’t mention clowns.


Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

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