Chop Socky Boom_posterType: Short Format Series

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Khanh Doan, Andrew McMasters, Jen Paige, Jay Irwin, Darlene Sellers, Brandon Ryan, Lowell Deo, Eric Stevens, Dan Humphrey, Lisa Coronodo, S. Joe Downing, Brittany Cox, D’Angelo, Kim Watts, Terisa Greenan, Shawn Telford, David S Hogan, Angela DiMarco, Cliff Lee, Christopher Duffel, Mark Price, and Bella the Dog

Directed by: Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward

Produced by: Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward

Written by: Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward

Synopsis: Khanh is a talented Seattle actress working hard to find her big break. She and eleven other local hopefuls are cast in a new action Web series, Final Zodiac Warrior as the signs of the Chinese Zodiac including Rat, Pig, Rabbit and Dragon. Our heroes face the challenges of indie filmmaking, their own individual demons, mistreatment from fellow cast members, ambiguous direction from an often misunderstood director, the threat of looming unemployment at the day job all while our demon fighters boldly . . . fight the demons.

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