Black_posterType: Short Format Series

Genre: Action

Starring: Mikal Vega, Daniel Betances, John T. Woods, Max Mullen, Andre Jackson, Mark Golden, Pete Kelly, Wesley John, Keith Andreen, Kimberley Fox, Marcus Natividad, Faouzi Brahimi, Konstantin Krustov, Aaron Mauldin & Cary Tagawa.

Directed by: Frank T. Ziede

Produced by: Jon Phillips

Written by: Frank T. Ziede

Synopsis: Black is the story of a covert CIA team that is formed after a direct attack against the CIA on American soil. The series follows the life of Dominic Carnahan, a life long covert operative. Having led multiple military operations around the globe, Carnahan is a guided missile of a man, sometimes even to a fault. He’s divorced; he’s the father of a teenage daughter who hates him and the only time he feels at home is on a mission.